Which is the best SAP module for a fresher?

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Which is the best SAP module for a fresher?

Answer 1

Rajdeep Halder

SAP Consultant, takes an avid interest in Supply Chain Management

For people interested in the functional side of SAP, I recommend SAP Materials Management (SAP MM). It is one of the modules where you can easily correlate processes to real-life scenarios (mostly) and there is a lot of ground to cover, so it stays interesting. It also integrates directly to all ERP modules (FI/SD/PP/PM etc.) and other SCM modules (APO/EWM etc.) so there are opportunities of cross-learning.

However, if one has a specific background (like finance & accounting), production/mechanical engineering, sales etc. it makes more sense to go for a module in which the qualification or previous experience may help. For example a finance & accounting background fresher should ideally go for SAP FI.

For people interested in the development area, learning ABAP is a recommended start. Knowledge of ABAP opens your window to a host of opportunities, from the traditional technical consulting in SAP ERP applications to new products such as HANA or SAP Cloud.

Answer 2

Abhishek Upanyu,

sap consultant

Answer to your question depends on various factors like, background and interest of the person studying SAP. SAP is basically an ERP suites which has like 25 different modules each one dedicated to some business operation and overall it automates all your business Activities.

Now Let’s answer how to decide which module suits you.

If you love development , then the obvious answer is SAP ABAP , It will open so many opportunities for you that you’ll be overwhelmed.

If you have a financial background then SAP Finance is the module for you. SAP financial consultants are very decently paid.

but having said that many organisations look for people who have expertise in more than one domain of SAP. learning SAP MM and PP can also be very helpful.

So in conclusion I’d recommend you to start with module which suits your educational background and then expand your horizons by becoming expert in various modules.

Answer 3

Dhananjay Hegde

I have worked on SAP SRM, MM, ABAP and UI5 over the past 6 years

have been working as an SAP consultant for last 6 years.

When I started working, the buzz words were – SRM, CRM, CLM, WebDynpro, BI, APO etc. But now, focus has shifted to Cloud, web, mobile, IoT, machine learning.

So, it’s really hard to say what will happen in next 15 or 20 years.

Though one can expect all the core modules to be still relevant then, focus will be on how they all can be integrated in a better way, what the data collected through all those modules really mean, how the information thus gained can be represented and consumed effectively.

With products such as SAP HANA, delay between the recording of transactional data and generating reports analysing those transactions has reduced drastically.

So, if one is beginning one’s journey with SAP, I would say stick to data analytics and data science while learning technologies such as mobile, web and cloud.

After all, what to make of the data is more important than simply recording them using some modules.

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