Which profile is better, SAP ERP or SAP BI?

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Which profile is better, SAP ERP or SAP BI?

Answer 1

Durgesh Singh

Spiritual seeker, SAP professional

  • You cannot (and must not) compare the two. Any answer you will get based on the comparison will be misleading.
  • The modules under SAP ERP helps a company to run its business (technically speaking to post transaction data). For example, create a sales order, purchase order, post a general entry in finance, plant maintenance etc…these kind of operational stuff’s.
  • SAP BI/BW is a data-warehouse solution by SAP which helps a company analyze the transaction data posted through ERP modules, and then helps in analysis & decisions making.
  • For example, using SAP BI reports or dashboard, managers then decide if the company was able to achieve its sales targets which they projected initially.
  • if not then what decisions/actions to be taken…
  • Data needed for SAP BI comes through modules of SAP ERP.
  • Answer 2

    Gene Hammons


  • Kinda like saying Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, which is best?
  • BI is generally a secondary technology, by SAP functional – I’m thinking you’re asking about SAP’s base ERP functionality.
  • So base ERP tracks, gathers, manages, automates transactions.
  • BI aggregates, stores, slices and dices, combines and reports on the recorded transactions.
  • SAP BI with no data has no answers.
  • SAP ERP has base reporting, financials, Ops scoresheets etc. but BI takes it to another level.
  • So in practice, neither is ‘best’ but both are co-dependent in many ways, upon one another.
  • Answer 3

    Harshad Deshpande

    Experience on SAP HANA , working on SAP for 5 years now

  • SAP ERP is a well established platform and SAP ERP is one of the oldest ERP system we haveOn the other hand SAP entered BI space by acquiring Business Objects.
  • SAP BI is one of the finest tools when it comes to enterprise reporting.
  • even though SAP BI has proved to be a good tool in BI space it faces stiff compition from other BI tools like Tabalue or Power BI when it comes to dashboarding options
  • Having said that it completely depends on you on where you want to work.
  • With ERP you would be working more on the transactional system and you would be playing more with the data but when it comes with to SAP BI you would be working with a Data whearhouse and you would focus more on how to present data.
  • At the end I would say both have a promising future, just check your intrest before diving into anything
  • All the best

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