How difficult is it to learn SAP ABAP for a non-programming background person?

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How difficult is it to learn SAP ABAP for a non-programming background person?

Answer 1

Pradeep Rao

SAP Consultant at SAP

You can obviously start learning any programming language from scratch, ABAP is no different! It is only a matter of how easily you can pick up.

1. If you already know C & C++, you can pick up ABAP easily. That is because you don’t have to learn the basic definitions for data types, conditions, loops and cases etc.

2. If you have mathematics background, if you love solving puzzles, Any language will be easy to pick up. (Logical approach is important ).

3. If you don’t have both the above, you should spend a little more time in understanding basic concepts and try to code as much as possible from the day one you start learning.

Basically, ABAP as a language is easy since it is high level language and you don’t design very complex apps like you do with Java language. ABAP is specific to SAP and its scope is very limited compared to other languages.

So never take a step back because you do not have programming skills. If you are really interested you should and you will work hard. All the best.

Answer 2

Naveen Kumar


To learn SAP ABAP for a non-programming background person is no need to worry. Because In ABAP we have basic ABAP and advance ABAP.

In Basic ABAP if you are not aware of programming language like C,C+… also no problem because not depend on programming language’s . Coding can easily understand.

For Advance ABAP if we have knowledge on programming language’s also fine if they don’t know coding part also fine , because coding part is different from other Programming language’s.

Answer 3

Srinivas Kari

lives in Wakad, Maharashtra, India (2018-present)

You would need to understand some simple concepts like data types, type casting, data structures.

However, it is not mandatory that you know them before taking an ABAP course.

Get trained from a good trainer with a strong knowledge of ABAP.

ABAP is not a difficult language to learn compared to Java, C#, C++. The difficulty lies more in being able to translate a business requirement/user requirement to a technical solution/code – it is more in the nature of the program/application you are writing rather than in the programming language itself.

Many good programmers working in companies also did not have a background of programming before they became developers.

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