Why is SAP better than other ERP solutions?

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Why is SAP better than other ERP solutions?

Answer 1

Gene Hammons


All ERP packages have their strengths and weaknesses. SAP’s weakness is that it is very expensive and takes a long time to implement. SAP’s strength lies in the ability to develop and customize – to handle complex business processes that other software doesn’t ‘fit’- and you can find a thousand Oracle proponents who will claim they can handle the same complex requirement – and they’re right.

The market penetration revolves around client size. If you have 5 customer service reps processing returns, well, Sage ERP has a half a dozen packages that will handle that. However, if you have 500 customer service reps you can use SAP and shave 60 seconds off the time it takes to complete the task with Sage, that’s 500 x 60 seconds x 25 transactions per day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks a year x $15 per hour, it’s close to a million a year in labor savings. And that’s just in customer service. Factor in similar efficiencies in warehousing, delivery, web services, finance, and so on, and suddenly the $5m to install SAP makes sense – even the $3m to upgrade gets approved. But none of it makes sense until you are in a company large enough to have, say 500 customer service reps worldwide.

Answer 2

Gian Paolo Avanzo

Founder, CEO, CFO, SAP Project&Transformation Mgr at Crown Consultancy Services (1984-present)

SAP it is not a simple ERP, is a business culture.

It teaches best business practices.

It is a mentor and ambassador of business processes standardization across the organization.

It delivers vertical solutions that can fit for almost any type of business (industry solutions).

Despite the magnitude, is the most up to date ERP for localization requirements (especially for statutory and fiscal compliance).

Answer 3

Durgesh Singh

Spiritual seeker, SAP professional

SAP has strong integration among its modules and better interaction with third parties tools compared to some other ERP products, but remember with integration also comes the complexity and time of delivery. SAP implementations runs for months and are highly expensive. So a mid size industry who is only into financial services (and not into supply chain) may not go for SAP but rather choose other product which has better name in providing financial tools and services.

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