Which profile will have better career opportunities: SAP BI with ABAP or SAP BI with HANA?

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Which profile will have better career opportunities: SAP BI with ABAP or SAP BI with HANA?

Answer 1

Prashant Narayan

15 years in IT

The question is flawed. From the question I interpret that you want a long term career in SAP , which pays well and provides continous employment. The flaw in the question is that you assume that one or either of these technologies will not be upstaged or replaced by some new technology. For example I foresee BI will become a redundant technology as companies shift towards predictive data models and real time data analysis.

In order to have a long term career in sap , I would suggest anyone who reads this is to do the following 3 things –

1 learn ABAP – the strength of SAP is still in its core modules – learn to read and write ABAP code . In my career some of the best and most sought after talent have been folks who were in ABAP and then turned functional.

2 Learn and go deep in any 1 functional area , finance or sales or logistics or manufacturing .

3 join toastmasters or some other public speaking forum and learn to sell your ideas and yourself .

Answer 2

Lemon Bose

Each and every course having their different carrier opportunities and here some-In ABAP-based environments, Open SQL has provided the proper level of abstraction for database processing for many years, enabling ABAP programs to perform operations on any SAP-supported database.

The main advantages of Open SQL are :

  • Its database-platform-independence
  • Its integration into the ABAP language and runtime environment by means of internal tables
  • Strong support of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) ABAP with table buffering, SQL statement caching, and cursor caching.

Answer 3

Ankur Choudhary

Selling SAP solutions & services for last 4 years

SAP BI refers not just Data Warehouse, but a complete set of products provided by SAP to build a Business Intelligence system.

HANA has 2 part- Hardware and Software.

For Hardware part SAP BASIS is required and Software (HANA workbench) part is very much similar to ABAP workbench.

I think,

ABAP+HANA if you are coming from programming background and would like to continue.

BI+HANA- if coming from ETL and reporting(BOBJ) background

Answer 4

Emmanuel Swain

SAP BW Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services (2016-present)

Sap BI/BW can give you a perfect start to your career rocket. But, today in 2017 just knowing SAP BW won’t lead you to the bigger league. The number of SAP BW consultants is very high in the market. So to be a game changer I would suggest you start you career in SAP BI/BW. BUT, learn HANA Modelling(BW S4HANA) & at least basics of ABAP. WORKING AS A BW CONSULTANT will help you a lot in learning HANA MODELLING.

Answer 5

Ajith Kallappa

SAP ABAP Consultant at Deloitte USI (2018-present)

Definitely SAP BI with HANA. HANA is the latest in SAP and there is need for people with SAP HANA skills.

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