Which one is better SAP or Java technology?

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Which one is better SAP or Java technology?

Answer 1

Rajesh Kannan

It depends on who you aspire to become. SAP is an ERP product. It is a standard software for business problems in global scale. But Business buys this product and they need some customization that is to be done in the product. This is where technical and functional people comes in and builds the customization as per client requirements using FM or methods provided by SAP as tools within the product.

JAVA is an extended technology with which you can build a solution to a problem or a product as a solution to multiple products. This will happen if you become a java developer.

It purely depends on who you wanted to become. SAP is a product built by C++ language. JAVA is a programming language. A technical SAP people will be called as Consultants. JAVA technical people are called as Developers or Software engineers.

If you are looking in terms of money, I believe SAP consultants are usually given high salary when compared to JAVA. In both , You will have to explore your knowledge in wide areas. It will be like you need to learn more and more throughout your career.

Choose your career wisely.

Answer 2


SAP is one of the most on demand erp software.

So you have a wider scope of career opportunities around the world.

Many training institute started to provide SAP training

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