Which is better, SAP ABAP or SAP functional for a fresher?

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Which is better, SAP ABAP or SAP functional for a fresher?

Answer 1

Suma Sree


According to my knowledge, SAP ABAP is much better for a fresher. This is a basic question but an important one if you are looking at careers in SAP.

Technical SAP consultants are generally either programmers or systems administrators, whereas functional consultants bring value by combining particular business process knowledge, such as financial knowledge, with the “know-how” of configuring the aspect of SAP that pertains to that process knowledge.

So for example, a functional SAP FI consultant generally has a financials background, and understands how to configure the FI tables in accordance with a user’s business processes.

SAP functional is responsible client interactions, requirement gathering, design, writing functional docs, functional testing and support on functional aspects. It also includes config changes in the system.

Whereas SAP technical is responsible for the build. Uses ABAP or OOABAP or JAVA languages to write the code as specified by the SAP functional. Usually deals with areas like workflows, UI, integration, reports and so on.

In summary, we can say SAP functional is responsible for the functionalities or processes in a SAP system. Whereas SAP technical looks into the technical aspects like coding.

Answer 2

Anil Wagde

Have worked on SAP close to two decades

In my opinion, you can start at either.

Since functional consultant is expected to work with business people, good communication with good understanding of the business processes is necessary. For finance, some background like MBA finance, or CA or CPA in US is required. For SD, MM or other modules, it is little easier since the processs understanding can be obtained from day to day business.

For technical it is lot more structured. All you need to learn is a language and debugging.

But choose wisely. You tend to remain stuck in a role for a quite long time. Transitions are possible but difficult.

Answer 3

Naveen Kumar


Its depend upon your qualification .

if you are IT background go for SAP ABAP and for ABAP good institute to learn is Gensoft Technologies.

Faculty Sridhar sir will teach’s you from basic’s .

SAP Functional is for Non-IT background people and that also depend upon your qualification.

I hope my answer will help you.

Answer 4

Akash Doshi

ABAP developer at Accenture

According to me, if you are fresher and having little knowledge of coding you can go for ABAP technical. During ABAP technical work you will also get functional knowledge. After some experience in technical you can switch as functional consultant.

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