Which has more opportunities, SAP UI5 or SAP HANA?

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Which has more opportunities, SAP UI5 or SAP HANA?

Answer 1

Sunaina Sinha

Every year large number of companies are moving over to SAP software, so it will be a great Job opportunity to have a career in SAP and involved in implementing SAP. Also there are various job opportunities at all the companies that ERP SAP software already installed.

Comparing the sap Hana(abap) and ui5 which the better

If i say, learn both..HANA is backend work and UI5 is about frontend. Ends user always like how are you providing informaiton to interact, that you can provide with UI5.

And how fast you can provide information, that you can do by HANA.

By leaning UI5, You will be able to develop responsive web applications both with static content and dynamic content (Server-side).

Answer 2

Antonia Lang

With SAP’s SAPUI5 JavaScript toolkit, developers can build SAP Web applications using HTML5 Web development standards, according to business intelligence expert Ethan Jewett.

“HTML5 is a set of standards around browser-based technologies [like] JavaScript HTML and CSS, [otherwise known as] Cascading Style Sheets,” Jewett says. “SAPUI5 is a library that combines all of those things into a toolkit for building actual Web applications. SAPUI5 … is a higher-level framework for building Web applications on the SAP platform.”

Applications can be built using SAPUI5 that connect to any type of back-end system (or that just run in the browser and don’t connect to any back-end system at all). However, the original goal of SAPUI5 (and still one of the main goals) was to develop an application framework for use in SAP environments, according to Jewett.

The company’s SAP Fiori line of Web-based apps, which have a device-agnostic user interface, have all been built on SAPUI5, according to Jewett. There is also an open source version of SAPUI5, called OpenUI5, on GitHub.

Answer 3

Mohammed Sijas

Full stack developer (UI5, CDS and ABAP) at SAP Labs

Hello All,

There was a time when people focus on one technology and you can suggest choose one among both. But now at SAP, we have products like S4HANA, which demands both UI and backend developers. We choose someone who has knowledge in both. I was a UI5 developer for past three years, was a part of most challenging projects. But what is more challenging than challenging your own skill. So started to learn Core data services (CDS) and ABAP. Now our team gained the confidence to take up more task independent of resource because we work on both UI and backend.

The conclusion is Learn CDS with HANA, Parallelly learn ui5.

Answer 4


SAP UI5 is a UI design framework from SAP for it’s enterprise apps, no one out of SAP uses it. Good is that it is based on open standards like JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. If you look at the S/4HANA programming model for HANA you will see it’s template driven ans annotations based. Same with IoT applications on SAP Cloud. So, I don’t see much skill based differentiation here. Also UI technologies keep changing and SAP has a bad bad history- Dynpro, BSP, Web Dynpro Java then WD ABAP, River, UI5, etc.

I recommend HANA because that is what is the core of SAP now.

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