What should I prefer for a better future SAP or Java ?

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What should I prefer for a better future SAP or Java ?

Answer 1


Family and Technology

I assume you wanted to compare SAP ABAP with Java. As I learnt Java in college and built my career in ABAP, allow me to share my views.

Java is the most widely used programming language that is the foundation for Mobile development (Android), software development for on premise as well as the foundation for most enterprise web server applications. It works with AI, IoT, everywhere.

Amazing right!! Java is a pure OOP language it’s cool used for portal developnent at NYT to TOI. Android rules the world, financial organizations love it too. It’s SDK is freely available to download and Java is taught in schools, colleges and institutes with millions of developers worldwide although I do not want to comment on quality because any hello world developer assumes herself or himself a java guru. So, for 1 vacancy you have 100–150 applications.

Now comes ABAP.

SAP is the world leader in Enterprise Applications- ERP, SCM, CRM,PLM, etc.

SAP runs the majority of fortune 500 companies and it is the standard benchmark. ABAP is the language used to write all these applications.

SAP’s new digital core for the new age cloud powered s4/hana is based on ABAP 7.51. If you look at the roadmap ahead you will be pleasently surprised.

ABAP supports IoT, Blockchain, Advanced capabilities for exploiting HANA innovations and a simplified modern UX development model.

There is huge demand for ABAP developers with new age skills and there is a dearth of such good developers in market. Not anyone can learn ABAP there’s a huge cost so, it’s niche skill with a good pay.

may be it helps you decide.

Answer 2

Balaji Chandrasekaran

works at Sapient India

Let me try to answer this.

First thing you did not mention whether you’re a experienced professional (either in SAP/Java or other technologies) or you are a fresher.

I will try and list down all the pros & cons of both. I may not be 100% correct with SAP, since I am not an expert in it, but I am relying on my 8 years of industry exp

JAVA – Java is just a programming language, When most of us say they work in Java(including this case), it most likdely it refers to Java/J2EE domain/framework.

I don’t think you will be able to work in a project(in realtime world) which as only Core Java and no other J2EE/web/DB frameworks, unless you work in product company and you are developing something very specialized(Ex. Developing JDK, Spring frameworks) product/framework. So most likely if you are choosing Java, you will end up interacting/interfacing with multiple “other” J2EE/web/service/DB frameworks (Ex. Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Spring MVC, JSP, JSF, JS, Angular JS, build tools – Ant. Maven, Gradle etc…)

In today’s world(read IT services/Investment Bank) , you will be paid well enough if you know few of the latest frameworks in the market(Angular, Node JS, JQuery, Spring etc..) along with core java.
But if you are a specialist core Java developer(means you have in depth Java skills – multi threading, memory management, Garbage Coll, how collections work internally,reflection) and if you have good algorithm skills, you will be sought after in product companies that pay double than what IT services pay(double is just an average, if u r good & lucky sky is the limit – thanks to start ups 🙂

SAP – I don’t have much idea about SAP.but as far as I know, its a niche skill. Not many in the industry will have this skill. But at the samr time, unlike Java, this is not open source, so you cannot learn SAP on your own (untill you pay for certifications/training). But to my understanding, SAP has lost the sheen it had 5 – 10 years ago.

IMHO, don’t choose one technology rather build a string base(programming and OOPS) so that you can learn any language (Java, Python, Pearl etc…)and its assoicated frameworks.

Answer 3

Dilip Nathani

SAP Technologist | SAP on Azure | SAP-BASIS| SAP SA

Both can be good. It depends on your interest. I may be biased towards SAP.

Let me explain..may be we are comparing an Apple with Orange 🙂

SAP is EAS (Enterprise Application Software) which is “packaged” software to be used by organizations to integrate different business Units/functions. It is built on ABAP programming.

SAP gives you 3-streams for career (mainly)

SAP functional (FI/HR/SALES/MM/PP/CRM/SRM etc.) ? They do customization in SAP software if organization’s functional processes differ from packaged software.

SAP system Administration (SAP-BASIS) ? They administer SAP or manage underlying Database

SAP programming/Development (SAP-ABAP) ?Mainly for doing technical RICEFW (Reports /Interfaces /Conversion /Enhancement/Forms /Workflow) customization in SAP

Java is mainly programming language used to build software from scratch (not “packaged”)

may be from development perspective you can compare ABAP with Java.

After some years experience with Java programming , One can grow in to Java Architect / Proj Mgr Role also for specific industry..

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