What, in layman’s terms, is the use of SAP?

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What, in layman’s terms, is the use of SAP?

Answer 1

Keyur Mistry

former Senior SAP VC Consultant at Applied Materials (2017-2019)

Wow my favourite question in interview.

Some what Technical Answers is:It’s is the application to record every transaction of different functions of organisations with integrated impact.

In some more simple words – it is a Kid who listen every secretes/non secrete tells of every individual at home and pass to respective liable person.

One More: It is a class monitor who observe every students of class and pass respective information to different subject teachers.

Hope this will work for you. Forget about all ERP terminology.

When my parents ask me what is SAP I can not explain them in ERP terminology. They don’t even understand alian word ERP.

Answer 2

Prasanth Anburaj

worked at Atos

Before getting into the topic, I just wanted you to give a narrow idea about the ERP, (Enterprise Resource Planning) a software application use by the organisatios in order to manage/monitor their business functions, where the application can provide various solutions through various components like logistics, inventory, procurement, sale’s, finance, human resources etc..

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