What is the difference between SAP Basis and SAP ABAP?

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What is the difference between SAP Basis and SAP ABAP?

Answer 1


Software Developer @ SAP SE


SAP Basis is the core technical component of SAP System. It has to do with the SAP Netweaver Application Server Monitoring and Administration. It includes installing SAP Systems, do technical settings like setting up Servers/Server Instances, System users Management, Memory Management,underlying Database management. This is basically SAP System Administation in Technical terms. This is job of SAP System Admin.

SAP ABAP( Advanced business application Programming) is a Programming Language like Java/J2EE ..used to Create Business Applications. SAP Applications like ERP,CRM,SRM,SCM,PLM are developed(by SAP) and enhanced (by Partners/Customers) using ABAP.SAP Netweaver Application Server provides the development tools( like code editor, compiler, runtime environment) for developing and running applications in ABAP.This is the Job of SAP ABAP Developer/Programmer.

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Answer 2

Asokan Asokan

former Manger at Codedion Technologies (2016-2019)


BASIS is like an Operating System for R/3.

We can say that BASIS is a middleware between ABAP/4 (Advanced Business Application Programming) and the computer Operating system.

R/2 system was mainframe-based. SAP ported it to client/server environment. To do this SAP created BASIS. Creating BASIS enabled ABAP/4 code to run on other platforms as well.

ABAP/4 programs cannot run directly on an Operating system (like Windows). It requires a set of programs (collectively known as BASIS) to load and interpret its input and output.

Without BASIS programs ABAP/4 programs cannot run.

You can relate BASIS to ABAP/4 programs, like Windows is to Windows programs.

To install BASIS, the installer runs the program “r3inst” at the command prompt level of O/s. Like most installs, this also creates a directory structure and copies set of executables into it (like for e.g. when we install the Windows operating system in our computer, it creates a directory structure like program files, windows, etc..and copies set of executables into it). These executables are taken together form BASIS.

Thus, ABAP/4 programs run within the protective BASIS environment. They are not executables that run on an Operating system. Instead, BASIS reads ABAP/4 code and interprets it into Operating system instructions. ABAP/4 programs do not access O/S functions directly. Instead, they use the BASIS function to perform the file input/output operation and display data in windows.

Answer 3

Mallireddy Pikkili


Here Main Difference Between Sap ABAP and Sap Basis is :


In Many t organizations, ABAP experts are developers and programmers.” T basis is the SAP version of system administration. … Basis administrators are responsible for ensuring that the SAP application server and applications are installed and configured properly and remain running smoothly.

SAP ABAP Roles and Responsibilities

  • SAP ABAP Consultants are responsible for developing SAP business applications using SAP Standard programming language ABAP, the main roles and responsibilities of SAP ABAP Consultant are… SAP ABAP Consultants play a crucial role in the implementation of SAP software for an organization
  • An SAP System Administrator is also responsible for a wide range of remote administration functions that encompass daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. The role of an SAP Basis administrator is a complex one and requires proficient skill sets and knowledge in SAP system.

This is the Main Difference Between Sap BASIS And SAP ABAP.

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