What is the difference between SAP and Java?

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What is the difference between SAP and Java?

Answer 1

Ananda RS

Have program managed multiple ERP implementations

Totally different, infact there is no similarity between the two. Here’s why.

SAP: Is a software package with pre-built functionalities to run a business. Functionalities like procurement, invoice processing, material planning, quality management, billing etc. These functionalities can be configured based on the organization requirements and within certain limited boundaries.

SAP also has a programming interface called ABAP which can be used to build brand new functionalities which do not exist in SAP but are required for the organization. But using ABAP to build anything and everything required for the organization is not an efficient way of using ABAP. ABAP should be used to enhance the SAP functionlities and not to totally alter the functionality or build modules which are not related to the functionalities of SAP ERP.

Java: Is purely a programming language using which you can develop software tools as you wish.

In layman terms, imagine SAP like an already build house which you can configure based on your taste. But you cannot change the several things like the external design etc. Java is like having all the land, brick, mortar required to build a house and you get all the freedom to design and build it the way you want.

Answer 2

Abhijit Dhada

Citius Altius Fortius

SAP is an ERP whereas Java is a programming language.
This is the simplest I can explain you the difference between the two.
Practically, the comparison is like comparing Apples and Oranges – both are distinct, for different purposes and not fit for comparing with each other as their peers are very different.

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