What is SAP system used for ?

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What is SAP system used for ?

Answer 1

Gaurav Saklani

Sr. SEO at Purple Tuche (2019-present)

What is SAP system used for? This is a question that has been asked by many of my colleagues in the IT industry.

So how do you define an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? It depends on your point of view. What about ERP systems used for specific applications? What about ERP systems that are suitable for business operations, such as ERP systems that are focused on finance and other business applications?

Many individuals who are familiar with ERP are likely to think in terms of the ESOP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). However, if you had asked me I would have answered differently.

While a business application is included in the ERSO (Enterprise Resource Planning Object System), it is also important to understand that ERP systems are not limited to any particular application. There are several different types of ERP systems in use today. Some are capable of handling multiple applications, some only handle a single application, and others are meant to support specific business applications.

Answer 2

Umar Mehmood

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant at Sadaqat Limited (2018-present)

SAP software offers business a platform in the form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manage their separate databases that run their company.

It was first marketed to small business owners as a way to offer a single user a method of accounting that will integrate management assets, costs, production, operations, personnel, and financial spreadsheets.

Initially, the SAP program was meant to provide companies the ability to work from a shared database, company-wide.

It has since evolved to replace all company spreadsheets with a single user accounting package within the business management system of the firm.

Answer 3

Meet Vajaria

Master of Software Engineering

SAP is the biggest Enterprise Resource Planning system. It is used to manage business processes of companies of different sizes. For example, sales, procurement, human resources, material management.

SAP has different modules of different business processes. SD- Sales and distribution, MM – Material management, BI – Business Intelligence, CRM – Customer relationship management and many more.

A tea manufacturer company has many businesses processes. They would buy raw materials (sales, material management). Then they would process raw materials (recipe management). Then it’s time to pack them into tea bags and boxes (material management). Then tea will be distributed (sales and distribution). Company wants to know selling of green tea in Europe between March and June to predict future orders of row materials and profit (BI, Business Planning Consolidation).

This is just a small example with very few processes. In real scenario, there will be plenty of processes to manage in one business process.

Hope this helps to get an idea of SAP Usage.

Answer 4


Software Developer @ SAP SE


SAP system is used to Manage the resources of an organization/Enterprise. What are the resources of a company ? Its Manpower, Money,Machines,Material,Minutes ( 5 M’s of Business Management) . To Manage these centrally, a special software called ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) software is needed. SAP is a company that produces ERP software. SAP provides an ERP solution suite which can manage all the data records of a company. It also provides Analysis tools to analyse the data and make data driven decisions.

This is just an overview.

I hope this helps.

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