What is SAP software used for in companies?

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What is SAP software used for in companies?

Answer 1

Rohit Chauhan

10+ Years across various modules and counting

SAP has too many products to offer but I will limit my answer to SAP ERP solution which is the market leader in ERP solutions.

So, what does SAP do in a company – it facilitates and records all the business processes for a company – let’s take an example of a company making shirt buttons.

The business process of this company is to:

buy plastic from vendors,

mould it into buttons using a machine M1, operated by operator P1

then punch holes using machine M2, operated by operator P2

pack the buttons in boxes using M3, operated by operator P3

then ship them to customers

Answer 2

Dinesh Verma

lived in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

SAP is almost everywhere now a days (Especially in big MNCs).

It’s products are into different domains:


Content and Collaboration

Customer Relationship Management

Data Management

Enterprise Management

Financial Management

Human Capital Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Supply Chain Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Technology Platform

I’ve worked on SAP HANA with Application so I’d be giving you a simple example here what exactly it was. Lets say you’re a customer running a good business and you want to forecast the sales and revenue and profit based on previous year’s data. All you do is put the data into the database (Simply from a GUI) and DB does it calculation and provides you all the forecasting in a graph or table format. You can tweak the data and say what if I invest this much and how the data would be like. So it’s pretty much awesome.

Another example would be IPL India. SAP was technology partner of Kolkata Knightriders.
They put previous year’s wicket/run data into this and it did forecast about which, which order a batsman should bat on & how should be bowling order be like and stuff.

Answer 3

Rakesh Dadhich – Indglobal

Director and CEO at IndGlobal Digital Pvt Ltd

SAP has many products on offer.

But one of the most popular ones is the ERP SAP solution.

SAP facilitates as well as records all the business processes of a company.

For example, in a company which manufactures something as simple as a button for shirts, the business processes required would be buying plastic from the vendors, molding the plastic into buttons using one machine, punching holes into the button using another machine, packing the button into a box using yet another machine and lastly, shipping the buttons to the customers.

Answer 4

Krassimira Iordanova

worked at SAP

SAP has a very large portfolio of solutions covering core business processes in Finance, HR, Supply Chain, CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
as well as specific vertical solutions- i.e Banking, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing….
SAP has solutions that cover specific business processes across 22 industries, so this is quite a wide and deep portfolio.
SAP gained its revered place in the market and its fame with the solution called SAP ERP, which is the core of many businesses across the globe.
SAP ERP covers core financial processes like invoicing, order processing, etc.

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