What is SAP Business One software ?

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What is SAP Business One software ?

Answer 1

Sneha Singh

It will never be perfect, but perfect is overrated !

SAP Business One is a small business software that helps you manage all aspects of your company that includes sales, customer relationship, operations, human resources.

It is available on-premise, on-demand, and also powered by in-memory computing platform SAP HANA.

More than 550 prepackaged, fully integrated industry-specific solutions built for SAP Business One is also available since requirements and challenges of each industry is different.

It is also the bestselling software for small subsidiaries and sales offices.

Using SAP Business One as part of a multi tier software strategy, you can easily and affordably integrate your subsidiaries within the enterprise.

Answer 2

Gagan Mohan Singh

SAP Pre Sales Lead – India Division at NEC Corporation (2019-present)

I assume your question to be for S/4HANA which is the most selling product of SAP. There are other products like B1 and Byd but I will not go into those for this answer.

The implementation cost of SAP depends majorly on three things.

The complexity of your business :- If you have a fairly simple trading business where you just purchase and sell items your implementation would be fairly simple and few consultants would be required to implement. This would in turn bring down the cost of Implementation. If on the other hand your business is fairly complex where you buy raw materials, get them processed from vendors and then manufacture goods before doing a quality inspection and selling them in the market then you would need a lot of different consultants to work on your implementation thereby taking up the cost of implementation.
The size of your business:- The size of your business also determines the cost of SAP Implementation. Say if you have 1 plant, 1 legal entity and 1 sales organization then there would be congruent processes and there would be no clash between parties within the organization trying to get their process implemented. If on the other hand your business is fairly large and spread across multiple plants, business entities, states or countries then you would need to get them to agree to common processes. This would need time and efforts from consultants and ultimately lead to a higher price. This would also mean more computing power and costlier servers.

The number of people who would work on SAP :- The number of employees logging on to SAP and using it would determine the total license cost per user since SAP sells names users. Which means one login id will be for a particular user only. So if you have a lot of employees using SAP you would need to buy those licenses from SAP and pay them for the same. This is a significant cost of your total implementation cost for an organization with a lot of employees.

Answer 3

Ogunkoya Tunde Adeleke

Consulting Partner (2015-present)

From SAP business one 8.8 upwards, there is a standard documentation of process that helps you install and implement SAP Business One quickly and easily; it is called “SAP Business One Accelerated Implementation Program” (AIP), a comprehensive implementation methodology created by SAP. The methodology has been designed to serve as a guideline for the system setup and implementation process. It includes a set of templates, checklists, tools, and other supporting information that divide the implementation process into five phases:

1. Project Preparation

2. Business Blueprint

3. Project Realization

4. Final Preparation

5. Go-Live and Support

Each phase breaks down the relevant tasks that have to be completed, and suggests roles, responsibilities, and time frames required to successfully complete the implementation.

Unfortunately, the AIP document as most documents of SAP is confidential and proprietary to SAP and may not be disclosed without permission from SAP , but if you search the internet for “SAP Business One AIP” you will come across some useful information and also you could look out for a public document called EasyStart for Buinsess One

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