What is SAP? Are there any courses to excel in SAP?

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What is SAP? Are there any courses to excel in SAP?

Answer 1

Amar Girdhar

SAP Consultant at Deloitte

Thank you B Medha for considering me qualified enough to answer this.
I will cut it short as from your question it is clear your existing knowledge regarding this topic is very basic.

  • SAP : A software company popular for their ERP.
  • ERP : Enterprise system, a software, companies uses across functionalities and departments.
  • Courses you can do: nothing. After you get done with graduation at whatever IIT you are in go for campus placement.
  • After you get a certain domain experience you should think of any sort of consulting.
  • I would advise MBA before consulting for better knowledge of business processes.
  • Answer 2

    Surya Kumar Govindan

    Cleared my NetWeaver certification recently!

    I want to do the SAP Basis certification. Which books (TADM parts) should I read and in which order, so that I can get a clear picture of the subject?
    By SAP Basis certification, I believe you are talking about SAP NetWeaver Technology certification. Irrespective of the DB, you have five books to cover for the Associate level certification, listed below. Am not sure of the Professional level one.

    1. TADM 10-1 – Relatively easier of the whole lot. You have generic info about SAP Products, NetWeaver technology, ABAP & JAVA stack info, SAP Start procedure and all that stuff. Of course, since this is the easiest, you will have less % to questions from this book.

    2. TADM 10-2 – In this book you will find info about in depth details of SAP UI technologies, communication methodologies (RFC, BAPI, Gateway etc.,), User administration techniques, System monitoring. This book is a little vague & theory mostly, but an important book in terms of % of questions asked in the exam.

    3. TADM 12-1 – A very easy & quick-to-finish book. Mostly covers SAP installation topics and about languages, update tools etc., Again, very important book for examination.

    4. TADM 12-2 – A boring book full of theory about TMS. After the first 4 units, you will be amazed to find that the TMS concepts you already knew as a Basis admin is absolutely nothing compared to the actual TMS concepts from this book. A very important book for the examination and I would suggest you actually try to practice the exercises in this book so you understand the concepts clearly
    Database – Depends on the DB you choose. As far as I know, HANA is easier if you had already worked on this DB because mostly TADM55 will cover tools for administration + technology behind HANA and also they are interesting.
    5. DB and Oracle could be interesting too. These three are the most popular options people choose for their NW Certification. Not sure about Sybase, SQL and other DBs.

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