What is more beneficial SAP or Cloud computing for the career?

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What is more beneficial SAP or Cloud computing for the career?

Answer 1

Sunny Shah

worked at John Lewis

Both are beneficial for someone who is interested in them. I would suggest that figure out where your interest lies and pursue that instead of going by market numbers and opinions. Both are cutting edge technologies, very useful and here to stay. The deciding vote should be your own interest and the graph that you want your career to take.

Answer 2

Tejas Ambekar

MCS Computer Science, Maharashtra Institute of Technology (2016)

According to me, the SAP HANA offers a good career path as compare to Cloud Computing. It is inevitably true that the SAP HANA offers an excellent career option.

SAP today serves as the biggest performer in the data analysis and business intelligence domains. Authenticated SAP HANA course programs offer you the entire vital skills and make you a full packed SAP professional.

Answer 3

Dilip Nathani

SAP Technologist | SAP on Azure | SAP-BASIS| SAP SA

SAP’s future strategy is around Cloud (with HANA and S/4HANA). going forward both the skills would be required depending on if it is IaaS/PaaS/SaaS..It is just that where you want to focus..If you know both , better.

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