What is better to study now SAP, SD or HANA ?

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What is better to study now SAP, SD or HANA ?

Answer 1

Neil Mat

I love watching videos on various topics

For HANA, it’s one of the latest and most discussed modules of SAP. It’s based on optimized application architecture of in-memory database management for faster data retrieval.

This results in more rapid data availability and quicker business solutions. The basic process for HANA is as below.

Answer 2

Durgesh Singh

Spiritual seeker, SAP professional

Since you already know the SAP module names, I assume you might have done basic search about what these modules. So whats your gut feeling on each module???…. and which one you think is closest to your current or past experience.

Each of the module has its own importance. Do not compare apple with mangoes.

If you find yourself comfortable doing things technically then look for HANA as a career path and explore more, else go for SAP SD.

Answer 3


Software Architect

SAP HANA is good option. If you have good knowledge in database related concepts, it will help you a lot.

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