What exactly is SAP and what do these developers do?

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What exactly is SAP and what do these developers do?

Answer 1

Stefan Cioc

SAP BW consultant

SAP is a German company. It builds a lot of things, but basically it’s an ecosystem built around their main product, the SAP ERP.|

You don’t hear much about SAP, even if it’s the 3rd software company in the world (after Microsoft and Oracle) because they don’t build consumer software. The SAP ERP is a software aimed for medium and big companies.

This software (the ERP) allows a company to record and manage all their activity (purchasing, sales, human resources, maintenance, production, finance etc.). The software is very complex and and very flexible, and can be customized to the necessity of each business. So all the operations of the company have to be imputed in SAP, and then SAP is routing everything to accounting.

Example: you have ordered some product from a vendor. The truck comes to the warehouse. You enter in SAP the goods receipt (that you received x tones of product). This information is routed in the same time to different modules in SAP

Answer 2

Harmeet Singh

works at SAP

SAP is the worlds leading ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning tool) .
It caters to (almost) all the business functions that are a part of any organization or a business process ( sales / procurement / HR / analytics / material management / warehouse / supply chain etc etc etc ).

The developers at SAP are the backbone of this entire suite. Some developers work on the development of new functionality , while some work on support of existing programs.

A third category of developers work on projects for SAP customers.

Answer 3

Shilpa Shewate

For the purpose of making enterprise resource planning (ERP), a German multinational software company is used which is called as SAP.
For managing business operations, organizations permit ERP software and usually means to suit modular applications for collecting and integrating data from various aspects of the business.
For Erp software, there is only one provider called SAP. There are other providers like Microsoft, Oracle, Epicor, and Infor Orbis.

Answer 4

Ravi Shankar

studied Software Engineering

SAP is the largest ERP provider in the world…. you can any big company…maximum u will find… sap as an ERP.

IN SAP we have generally two fields functional and technical consultant.

Who Provide services to SAP customers….SAP has many partners who provide support and implement in diff company…..SAP Labs is the main area where actuall development of SAP software happens………

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