What exactly is a SAP consultant?

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What exactly is a SAP consultant?

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Harsh Patel

Hello everyone

These questions are most important. There are multitude of different software solutions designed for business parous, and a sap consultant is an expert in this sap software. Sap software developed by IBM japan employee in Germany This software allows business to maintain their customer relationship management software (CRM), their supply chain management software (SCM) as well as managing their employee, financial, stock, production, banking, oil and gas, all data records and company and other data storage as well as their archive data.’

Top Point to Sap consultant Duties and responsibilities

Sap Consultant Must become an expert in one or more module of the sap software. Sap consultant must be current on the latest sap offering, update and developments, so they can suggest the most up- to-date solutions to the problem.

Propose Solutions of Your Business

Manage your client requirement and face solutions. sap consultant must be current on the latest sap offering, update, migrations and development, so they can suggest the most-up- do-date solutions to the problem. extraordinary as client may work in a vast of industries – such as finance, government, oil and gas, banking, technology or other – the sap consultant must be knowledgeable in that field in order to recommend workable SAP technical solutions.

End to End Manage Personnel

A Sap consultant may work in a team supervising junior sap consultant. If that is the case, this individual will be responsible for recruiting skilful candidates, training them in the technical skills required to do the job, as well as the client service approach each company requires of its staff.

SAP Expert Skills & Experience

  • A SAP Consultant must be technologically savvy, uncomplaining and able to announce complex solutions to people with different levels of technological knowledge.
  • 5 years of experience in a full cycle SAP implementation as well as in support projects.
  • capability to multitask and manage multiple deliverables and projects at the on time
  • Experience in an SAP Professional Services or administration company is an asset
  • Easy Understanding of accounting business processes
  • expertise to understand business processes from a customer perspective
  • expertise to work in a team environment, effectively interacting with others

Answer 2

Sameer Bonde

SAP ERP Consultant


SAP is a german company which has developed an ERP system. This is a generic system, which can be configured as per the need of business which wants to implement it.

SAP consultants are people who have understanding of this business and SAP ERP software, both. They help in configuration of this ERP software as per business requirement.

Since this is not a college degree, there are only certification courses available to be done. These courses are conducted by SAP, and are recognized worldwide by all the employers.

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