What does it mean by “Domain Experience” in SAP jobs?

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What does it mean by “Domain Experience” in SAP jobs?

Answer 1

Srinivas Kari

lives in Wakad, Maharashtra, India (2018-present)

Domain experience is work experience in departments like Sales, service marketing, finance, warehouse, purchasing, production/shop floor etc which are part of a functioning business. Such experience will provide exposure to the various business processes of the company.

If one has worked in the warehouse, operating a forklift, picking pallets for outbound orders and putting away pallets for incoming orders, then after a period of 2-3 years, the person would have business process knowledge of common warehouse processes. Then if this person learns SAP WM, it will greatly help him in his job as a WM consultant to understand the client’s business process and configure a SAP solution accordingly.

Sap SD – sales

SAP CRM/SAP CS service /marketing

SAP MM – purchasing /procurement

SAP WM – warehouse

Sap PP – production shopfloor

Sap FI – Finance

Sap CO – costing

Answer 2

Subhrajyoti Mandal

SAP Functional Consultant FICO, MBA Finance

Domain experience‘ means hands on experience as a direct or indirect user on the business process. A domain user may or may not be familiar with the software that the consultant needs to implement but should possess end to end knowledge on the business process.

As for example consider an accountant who is working in a trading company, he conducts the goods receipts check for the purchased items and also does billing for the vendors, either manually or through any ERP system like SAP or Oracle. Here he is an end user and his experience will be considered as domain experience.

Answer 3


Software Developer @ SAP SE


Domain experience means the business process knowledge.

Example: In HR there are processes like talent acquisition, training and development of employees, payroll, employee benefits management etc. If you want to become an SAP HR/HCM/Success factors consultant, you need to have indepth knowledge in these business processes. In the same way there are industry specific business processes in Banking, Retail, healthcare,chemical industries, public sector, utility, manufacturing, oil& gas . If you want to become a consultant in specific area, you need to have deep knowledge in those specific areas. This knowledge is called domain experience.

Hope this helps.

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Answer 4

Ankush Thukral

worked at SAP

Domain Experience depends for which SAP module you are applying for expanse if you are applying for job in SAP FICO module then domain experience will be the experience one have in GL accounting or Revenue Accounting or Balance sheet consolidation etc where you deal with number and you do FI entries n deal different GL.

Answer 5

Shantanu Marathe

lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Domain means the field you are currently working in .e.g Material Management has 2 fields like stores and purchase, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounts, Production Planning etc. So once you the knowledge of your field you can move to be a consultant Technical or Functional. It is necessary to have sound knowledge of your company business processes. If you can work as an End user or Support Consultant it will open lot many opportunities for you.

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