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What does an interviewer expect from a 2 years of experience in SAP ABAP?

What does an interviewer expect from a 2 years of experience in SAP ABAP?

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What does an interviewer expect from a 2 years of experience in SAP ABAP?

Answer 1

Shaikh Nadeem

former Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Hyderabad at Cognizant (2018-2019)

See, it doesn’t matter what years of experience you carry or you have mentioned in your resume but the contents of it. Meaning, make sure that you put only those things or topics that you might have done already or have an ample amount of knowledge/information on.

Most of the times, interviewer will ask you only from your resume (as far as technical interview is concerned) and if you already know what you have written in your resume then what is making you feel afraid of nervous? Let him or her ask whatever the he he or she wants to ask, because it’s only who is making him or her ask what you want him or her to ask you.

I will tell you one of my experience, recently I have few interviews, out of which I crakco two and in one of those interviews, the interviewer started aksing me about (SLT, which is System landscape transformation, which is a very high level thing in SAP and i don’t want to go to those details), I simply told him that “I believe I have not mentioned anything about or realted to SLT in my resume and paused”, yes I know that but still I was just checking I if you atleast know what is the meaning of it, he added.

I said him what it stands for and even told him two three points and surprisingly he was not expecting me to tell him atleast two lines about it. You see, as I told you, I had not mentioned? anything related to SLT yet he asked me that question (because I have mentioned about Migration) and said what was known to me and it was over then.

So, its all about us, that how we can convince the interviewer for whatever the answers that we might be giving or how and where we are talking the interview towards, because you are the better judge of your own selves that what you truly know if you just don’t.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have (yes it does in some cases), just make sure that you know everything about the contents that you are adding up to your resume and that’s all, you will go completely through it!

Answer 2

Muthu Raja

SAP Programmer (2015-present)

1. RICEF Don’t give google answers if the questions are in this concepts. Try to relate with your project scenario , why & how did you applied.

2. Projects Implementation or Rollout projects in your Resume adds more values.

3. Explain about your projects try to explain clearly What was your contribution in that project.

4. OOABAP if you know these concepts deeply, definitely you will be hired, No Doubts.

5. Functional Understand how flow works ( SD , MM etc ).

6. Performance Tuning concentrate more on this.

7. Advanced concepts if you are not aware of advanced concepts, you can directly tell them. For 2 Years exp interviewer don’t expect you to answer this

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