SAP Interview Questions

What are some SAP PP module questions?

What are some SAP PP module questions?

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What are some SAP PP module questions?

Answer 1

Harsh Garg

14 Years experience in SAP

Here are some of basis PP questions :

  • Material Staging in REM?
  • What is REM Profile? How did you create by assistant or manual?
  • What is back flushing in REM and what is T.Code for it?
  • What are all the types in Backflushing and T.Code for it?
  • What are the different places we can give Backflush Indicator?
  • What is Product Cost Collector and its T.code?
  • What are all the costs involved in Product Cost Collector?
  • What is S.O.P? What are the T.Codes for SOP?
  • How many types of SOPs are there?
  • Explain Flexible planning Procedure?
  • What is the data you give in S.O.P screen?
  • What is the standard info set?
  • What is the customization procedure for production orders?
  • What are the details in Production scheduling profile?
  • Explain Production Order Cycle after run the MRP?
  • What is Production Order Settlement?
  • Scheduling Parameters for a Production Order?
  • Do you have any idea about Capacity Planning?
  • How do you carry out Capacity leveling?
  • Can you dispatch capacity for a single work center?
  • What is Planning strategy and how can you customize it?
  • What are MRP Plant parameters and T.Code for it?
  • If no planning strategy, no MRP group given, how can you give the requirement type?
  • If no requirement type has given, can the planned order be generated?

Answer 2

Joe Yasman

Startupist, product architect, SAP freak

When I interview somebody for a PP job, I am asking to go through the CV and tell me what each position was exactly about. Then we dig into technical aspects, where it makes sense. But the key questions of general PP knowledge are:

  • What does supply chain cover?
  • What elements production planning consists of
  • What QM/WM/CO/SD/HUM integration is relevant for PP module
  • What are the main elements of PP master data and how they are linked together
  • What is engineering change management for
  • What is material quantity calculation for
  • What are ways to manage the work flow on the production floor
  • How does batch determination work and where it can be used

Answer 3

Sathiyamurthy Shanmugam

SAP Instructor at Michael Management

Being SAP consultant and project manager and then as COO, I recruited many people and observed that really skilled people could not explain the concepts well during interview. When I probed them with eased discussion in detail, I could find out they know the concept and also deserve the job. Unfortunately, many interviewers don’t have so much time to spend and there is high probability to get filtered out.

So, we should be prepared well to explain the concepts clearly when we attend the interview.

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