Should I switch from SAP ABAP to SAP SD?

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Should I switch from SAP ABAP to SAP SD?

Answer 1

Pradeep Rao

SAP Consultant at SAP

Since you have already worked in ABAP for 8 to 9 years, you must have reached certain level of saturation and boredom, it is the right time for you to learn other modules. I would suggest you to learn SD if you are interested in functional background and do the certification if possible. But trying for SD freshers job is not at all worth it.

SD job can be best enjoyed at an architect level where you will be providing solutions for business requirements. The rest of the job such as configuration and documentation is really boring compared to ABAP and other technical modules.

If you learn SD, you will certainly enjoy the leverage of being a technofunctional consultant at every level of your SAP career.

Personally I don’t feel it is necessary for you to get an external training in SD. As you are already into ABAP for 9 years, I suggest you to read Glynn C. William’s SAP SD configuration book. This is how I learned SD. You can try some coaching if you are looking for SD certification.

Answer 2

Shria Goel

Working in SAP ABAP for 8–10 years can definitely get boring. Instead of switching to SAP SD, look for a techno-functional role where you can use your 8–9 years of technical experience as well. It gets very difficult to fill the gap between functional and technical consultants, if you are someone who has knowledge of both, you will be a great resource. Usually companies have internal trainings, and if not that start working with colleagues in that domain.

Answer 3

Srinivas Kari

It’s best to switch out of SAP into becoming either a full stack developer, ML and AI engineer or do an MBA and get into management consulting or investment banking.

The salaries there are 3–5 times higher than in SAP. And these salaries do not grow by much in Europe. They do to some extent in India and USA

Having said that, acquiring functional knowledge is definately going to help you a lot. Instead of looking for a new job as a fresher in SD, why dont you speak to your manager and tell him about your desire to move over to functional consulting.

.First, get trained on SD. Make sure you know and understand all the fundamentals of SD, emphasizing on concepts.

.Once you have trained on SD, ask your manager if you can appear for an interview for SD. if yes, prepare for the interview and try to clear it.

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