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SAP Credential Manager

SAP Credential Manager

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The Credential Manager Portal is a service that is known for providing access to rewards and benefits. It helps the user to manage and administer certification-related tasks easily and to leverage their expertise completely. Pearson Credential Management has introduced this Credential Manager Portal. In order to manage the certification process in a more mechanized way, the Credential Manager Portal is used by most of the companies and individuals.

Individuals who are certified, in order to activate the personal account can receive a mail from credential-manager.

Once an individual has passed the SAP certification, he/she can get the profile updated with the new skills and can decide whether to publish or not to publish the certification.


Listed below are the advantages of Credential Manager Tool:

  • The Credential Manager tool allows clienteles and associates to validate the applicants who have the educations registered on the resume or curriculum vitae quickly. Even, this tool enables the customers to search for a certified consultant for a precise SAP solution by location or area.

To search for a certified consultant for a precise SAP solution, please visit

  • This helps an individual to recognize several benefits such as the promotional products, and free information sharing sessions, and the capability to cope up with the certification needs effortlessly. In addition, Credential Manager permits verification of the certification status in numerous ways. An individual can publish credentials to a potential employer or customer, or select to appear in a registry of certified resources, where customers can hunt for certified resources in their geographical location. A customer can also verify the certification status through a modest global application procedure.

SAP Consultant Registry

This is a deliberate listing of SAP Certified individuals that allows an individual to look for people with right talents and expertise which can help in succeeding in the current SAP project. In case an SAP certified individual has already been chosen to support in the SAP project, one should ask the SAP certified individual to authenticate their certification by using the Pearson Credential Management feature to send an authorized verification of their certified status.

Key Features

The key features of the Credential Manager portal are listed below:

  • It permits managers and clienteles to validate a candidate’s certification status speedily and effortlessly Certified Community Portal
  • It offers certified individuals easy access to promotional products, and free information sharing sessions in a controlled area

Show your value!

With this new tool, an individual can express to the world how Sap can be operated in a better way. This is a worthy point for the consultants or “expert” and of course for the company. Clienteles find this place, a safe area to select the best SAP players.

For instance, you can find me as a certified consultant on Incident Management with SAP BusinessObjects and BI Plaform 4.0

Summarizing all that is smart and New with the SAP Credential Manager

  • It provides assistances to the consultants who are certified; as a compensation for “going the extra mile.”
  • It allows performing tasks such as:

1. Publishing certification status to potential clienteles and businesses
2. Downloading certification logos
3. Reordering certificates

  • It also allows the clients to check the certification status by using a simple global application procedure.
  • It is available in almost all countries such as the United KingdomNorth America, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • It helps the managers to verify the applicant’s qualifications quickly on the resume.
  • It provides ultimate data security and refrains from sharing the personal information without any permission.
  • It sends notification to the users before the validity of the certification ends so that it can be updated on timely basis and access can be maintained.
  • Professionals who attain certification also get a link in the inbox to access the beneficial Credential Manager tool.

Thus, it can be conveniently stated that the SAP Credential Manager tool is a one stop solution for all your SAP career needs.

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