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SAP Audit Management Key Features and Error with Proposed Solutions

SAP Audit Management Key Features and Error with Proposed Solutions

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Definition – What is SAP Audit Management?

To meet business need with great pace and enhancing audit visibility and trace-ability SAP Audit Management has been introduced as a new component in SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP Audit Management empowers a business to give more time in business growth and risks rather than spending time on various audit finding.

The audit software is compatible with in memory combining mobile capabilities with user interface offering end to end audit management solutions. Satisfying your stakeholder it is a great combination of time and cost. Being audit management software it is very useful to audit department and helps in creating audit plans, preparing audit, analyzing information and monitoring progress with perfectly communicating results.


Key features of SAP Audit Management

  • This software is having mobile capabilities which make it easily accessible and flexible to work on different devices and platforms.
  • It covers entire audit process starting from planning, executing and monitoring.
  • Dynamic search functions meeting business needs.
  • For verification of fraud and risk SAP Audit Management is integrated with SAP Risk Management and SAP Fraud Management for smooth running of business.
  • With high tech features software is equipped with drag and drop functionality.
  • Another vast feature of software is drive more values using search option from working documents.
  • With a intuitive user design it proffer in complete new experience to user with wide efficiency.
  • Audit request can be monitored universally and with a single source for audit offers a complete audit universe.

Error with proposed solutions:

1) Why clicking a print preview for audit component cause to reflect a blank page in print preview. A error prompts with this message on the screen reading /formatting data for XY is output?

  • You can resolve this error by checking the printer has specified in the user master record or else check whether you PC is installed with Adobe acrobat or not.

(2) How to change the audit plan to graphical time scheduling?

  • You have to verify whether MS project 98 or MS project 2000 is installed on your PC and verify that SAP GUI component CRM-ADDON is installed on your PC.

3) Having issue with startup performing evaluations on MS Excel .

  • Verify whether MS Excel is installed on your PC.

4) Loading notes /description as local files tends to reflect special indicators which are not part of text.

  • Only pure text files should be loaded. Couples of times text files containing control indicators are loaded reflect issue.

5) Moving object to a desired place is not possible?

  • The objects that are downloaded in change mode are possible to move it is recommended to switch to change mode. Verify whether you are authorized to change the object or else it may be possible that the status of object does not allow to change .


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