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SAP AR Ageing Report and How to Generate Aging Report in SAP

SAP AR Ageing Report and How to Generate Aging Report in SAP

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What is Aging Report (AR) in SAP?

Accounts Receivable Aging Reports are periodic reports that help organizations to analyze the financial conditions of their clients, especially their customers. It helps to classify the firm’s accounts receivables according to the period of time that the invoice has been pending. It also provides a specific financial insight about the company and its consumers.

Importance of Aging Report in SAP

The importance of Aging reports is as follows:

  • It is used to check whether certain customers are becoming credit risks. This information can allow companies to decide whether they should be continuing their business with the customers who are paying their invoices late and on a frequent basis
  • It is useful while preparing the company’s financial statement as it can be used as a measure to calculate the quantity of the bad debt that has to be removed.
  • Ageing Reports are important while developing better organizational strategies. Organizations use the report to determine why they are facing difficulty in collecting accounts. They can use the information to alter their selling strategies and credit policies.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Reports in the ERP solution SAP Business One helps to analyze each customer receivable that the firm owes. Information about the customers having zero balance, along with the customers who are a potential risk to the business is obtained.

Run Aging Report in SAP 

The steps to execute an Aging report in SAP Business One are:

  • Locate Business Partners option in the Main menu, navigate to Business Partner Reports, and then go to Aging. After that, select Customer Receivables Aging.
  • After this, a selection criterion will be shown to you. Choose your preferred criteria, for example, the customers whom you want to be presented on the report. You can also choose the different segments of the report.
  • You have to select the customers by the customer group option or through the properties of the business partner. A series of customer numbers can also be selected. For other customers, the option can be left blank.
  • You then have to select the ageing date, which the report uses for ageing the receivables. If the dates need to be changed it has to be indicated, as the ageing date is by default set to the current date.
  • After choosing all the required criteria, click on OK to execute the report. You will find options to view the balances and to see the invoices of the Accounts Receivable.


The Aging Report in SAP Business One is a very useful tool to administer and evaluate the finances of the organization. Using this tool the company’s cash flow can be managed and the customers’ credit quality can also be determined.


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