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How do I get My First Job without any SAP Experience?

How do I get My First Job without any SAP Experience?

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This is a general question asked on Forums, how do I get my first job without any SAP experience ?

My advice to you is the same advice that has been given to many times to freshers I took this advice and it work for me.

The followings are the steps I took, I hope it will work for you.


I decided to get an HR admin job(YES an admin job ), with a company using SAP as their HR System
The pay was lower than my usually IT salary.

Step 2:

Immediately I started with the company, I quickly use the opportunity to develop my SAP knowledge from theory to hands-on experience.

I encourage my colleagues and everyone to give me all the SAP job that they do not like, (Most of them were so glad)
e.g Restructures, Reporting, and checking and correcting errors. Daily exemption reports. Data Validation etc
Working extras hours after getting home to sharpen my skills.

Step 3:

Within 3 months of being with the organisation, my manager was very very pleased that I was able to bridge the knowledge gap. This was a big issue before I started as most of the users, and some of my colleagues just find some aspects of SAP challenging, even though they have been trained. SAP is not for everyone, Some people just dislike SAP

Step 4:

Effort rewarded, salary increment, promotion to a new role and invitation to be part of the Current Live SAP project ( I was over the moon)

Step 5:

As a fresher, you need to work your way from the BOTTOM up. You will definitely be rewarded, if you are focused, determined, Reliable and passionate about SAP and also prepare to work very very hard, nothing will stop you from achieving your SAP Dream


This is a warning to all freshers, PLEASE DO NOT LIE on your CV, I am currently sitting with very experienced consultants on a LIVE project. If you do not know your stuff, you will shorten your career in one day and damage your reputation.

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