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Readiness Check: Financial Data Quality Check

Readiness Check: Financial Data Quality Check

Would it not be convenient to identify General Ledger data inconsistencies in your ERP Production system before your begin a System Conversion project? Data inconsistency corrections are time-consuming activities and early detection and correction is a key driver for fast and efficient project execution. SAP has recently (Q3 2020) provided the capability to automate a check on the quality of GL transaction data through the SAP Readiness Check 2.0 process installed in the source ERP system. The check analyzes GL transactional data and can detect an impressive number of common errors and/or inconsistencies. The SAP Readiness Check 2.0 application is able to incorporate this check into its holistic dashboard and is called the “Financial Data Quality” (FDQ) check.

Financial Data Quality Check

The Financial Quality Check uses the FIN_CORR_RECONCILE transaction to analyze the quality of the financial data in your existing ERP Production System and categorize the different errors to further help the project team assess the required effort to correct the data inconsistencies.

To access the FDQ details in the Readiness Check dashboard, click on Financial Data Quality title (outlined in red):

In this example, there were three inconsistencies and two different types of errors detected.

On the Financial Data Inconsistencies tab, inconsistencies by fiscal year and company codes are displayed in a graph. Filtering options for Fiscal Year, Company Code, and Error Category as available to sort the list.

On the Financial Data Inconsistencies>Details you can find the errors message numbers and their category.

Be aware that the number of inconsistencies does not determine the correction effort because you may able to resolve thousands of errors with the execution of just one report. The message numbers (or error types) and the error Category can be directly associated with the correction effort.

On the Expected Effort tab, you can find an overview of the important factors that normally have an impact on the required effort, duration, and cost for the data cleansing.

Another helpful view (and my preferred viewed because it has all the information consolidated) is under Expected Effort>Inconsistencies in Detail.

For more information on enabling and executing FIN_CORR_RECONCILE and the associated automated correction capabilities

In conclusion, under SAP Readiness Check 2.0 > Financial Data Quality you can check the quality of General Ledger finance data in your ERP Production system, analyze detected inconsistencies, and estimate the effort required to resolve them.

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