Is SAP a good career choice?

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Is SAP a good career choice?

Answer 1

Bhavya Kumar


Its a good question…and don’t worry about the future about SAP….because every industries are using only SAP it may IT,finance,automobile,banking and etc…every industries are using sap module..only..

But if you start to study SAP means you should get practical knowledge about that and everything should be real time hands on training. And there is no use of tutorials because without access key u can’t practice SAP….Some of SAP institutes will provide access key..for SAP..

And these are the institutes which provides real time hands on training over SAP

Answer 2

Antonia Lang

Are you stuck with some these questions floating around in your mind? If yes, then this small article will enlighten you to the path of career in SAP.

It is one of the two biggest players in the ERP software market. Other than Oracle ERP, there are not many ERP solutions that can threaten SAP, not even Microsoft’s ERP solution. The number of companies that have implemented SAP solutions is very hard to figure out and there are new companies signing up every day.

The number of modules SAP provides and supports are increasing with every year. Each business has a number of different modules such as Material Management (MM), Project System (PS), Sales and Distribution (SD),Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO),Quality Management (QM) etc. With time, they have differentiated some larger modules into several smaller ones such as MM into Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP) etc. There are different modules for different enterprises depending on nature and size of the business. This has opened up new job opportunities for people and allowed them to become consultants in the line of work they are most comfortable in.

SAP is on its way to become the top-notch in terms of services and number of users, so the company keeps rolling out new tools and products every now and then. The best example should the SAP HANA: A cloud based in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system that speeds up the processes dramatically. It is a solution that provides a huge cache for database which speeds up the processes amazingly. It is cloud based solution which can be used as a standalone application platform as well and able to handle the big data. People have started to train themselves in HANA and soon it will create large job opportunities.

SAP solution manager is also a good option for you to try.

The technical consultants or ABAP developers constantly have new tools and techniques to play with. All the new solutions coming out from the stable of SAP mean that there is no chance of redundancy anytime in the future as far as the technical consultants are concerned. Older more experienced ABAP-ers can learn new techniques and move on to new career opportunities while fresh batches of developers take their place. It is an ongoing endeavour.Now, we have a brighter and clearer picture of potential and job opportunities SAP has. So, you can pursue a career in SAP.

If you plan to work in Fortune 500 companies, then SAP would be valuable since most of them are using it. But keep in mind that it’s old software, especially the ERP. To be valuable in current and future market, it’s better to study latest innovations from them such as in memory technology (HANA), mobility, analytics and cloud platform as it is certain that SAP would like to migrate all OLAP and OLTP applications to HANA. Analytics and Business Intelligence tools stand to reap tremendous benefits switching over to HANA.

Answer 3

Nomad Consultant

Certification from SAP

From personal experience I can definitely say it is a good career choice and one I tell my friends and family to get into. Do not get me wrong it is not an easy ride and you will need to dedicate time and energy but the reward will pay you back handsomely.

Thanks to SAP I was fortunate to travel the world and experience great people and culture.

The first advice I give to anyone looking to get into SAP is to first take a taster to make sure it is for you. When I first got into it I took a risk and paid for an expensive course and on my 1st day into I was told by the trainer that if you can dedicate the time then it is better for you to walk away. It was too late for me then as the training provider had already taken my money. Luckily I was a fan and the money was a big motivator which kept me focused.

Fortunately for you, I have created a free SAP course which is an Overview to SAP and this should be a great starting tool to enter SAP. It is free and there is no financial obligations which means after you complete you can just walk away or use the links in the course to learn more SAP for free.

I hope that has answered your question

Answer 4

Manikandan K A

SAP MM Functional Consultant

Hello Friend,

Good noon !!!

SAP, As a most successful ERP based German Business Software package, i.e SAP, the most successful one with 65% of market share & merely 80+% giant & mid sized firms, Fortune 500 Firms are implemented SAP R/3 & being successful because of its process integrations among the different organizational functionalities in real time data accessing under a single common database., Every module in SAP has its own demand & uniqueness.

In simple, any one can learn the SAP. As i have already been discussed much about SAP Functional & Technical Modules, Scopes, Procedures to learn & get certified etc. SAP is like a global cover with many languages & many curries with new business functionalities in every day to satisfy the business requirements.

And, never come to a decision when you are in dilemma mind, as you know, SAP is the most successful ERP package, having a huge demand and scope since almost 80+ of giant & mid sized companies are implemented SAP & running successfully, including Fortune 500 Firms. So, think better & choose the right one because its your career , you have to lead it.

Answer 5

Brian Carter

works at SAP

If you’re looking for a general answer without more information, I’d say “yes”, it can be good for your career. However, it should be something that’s relevant for use in your current role in order to make it beneficial. And as David Brodie mentioned, it’s also necessary to add relevant experience if you really want to garner some career advancement from learning an application. I hire consultants on a regular basis, and I can attest that I do look at courses and certifications listed on resumes, but the true test which determines whether I schedule them for an interview for a senior/experienced role is whether they have relevant experience to add to it. Then once they are in the interview process, showing the ability to articulate what they have learned from the education and experience is critical to getting to the next step in the hiring process. Having a single SAP course is certainly not enough, but it’s a step in the right direction and can add well to an otherwise balanced resume which also includes relevant experience.

The same holds true even for an entry level consultant role (or a project team role at company implementing SAP) – if you have a single SAP course on your resume but have never worked with SAP or implemented the solution, I question what benefit you really gained from the course. Maybe it gave you some exposure, and that’s good, but if it’s not something you use regularly, I doubt you really gained a lot from it which can be useful in your next role. Add some related experience, and then you’ve got something that you parlay into an interview (whether it’s inside your current company for a new role or an open position with a new company).

Answer 6

Sameer Bonde

SAP ERP Consultant


Future prospects in SAP depend on your current experience and the module of your expertise.

For new modules, where supply is low and demand high, higher package and better projects can be expected.

For basic modules such as MM/SD/FICO/PP, unless you are experienced, you will struggle.

SAP is always innovating, so you may not have issues in this field for 30-35 years, however dont expect phenominal growth. This is because gone are the days when companies were ready to invest a lot in IT, now a days everything is about cost cutting.

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