Is it possible to learn SAP for free online?

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Is it possible to learn SAP for free online?

Answer 1

Patti Schulz

Pasionate about learning (1997-present)

No. Don’t trust anyone who says you will gain real skills for free. It will be superficial training at best. To really learn, you have to have hands-on practice. Setting up a training client with realistic scenarios takes time and costs money. SAP using the standard GIU is not easy and is almost impossible to learn without guidance. Because it is a highly integrated system, there is more to it than just entering data, you must understand the data relationships and the processes.

Answer 2

Indu Khemchandani

Founder and Director at (2017-present)

You can start your learning path in SAP by SOC
But the real value can only be derived by practice hence my suggestion would be to contact leading SAP training providers such as SOC and so on and they can guide you the best way to start your SAP career with minimum amount.

Answer 3

Shan Morkel

studied at Gaithersburg, MD

Yes its possible to learn SAP by SOC.

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