Is it necessary to know programming to learn SAP HANA?

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Is it necessary to know programming to learn SAP HANA?

Answer 1

Sathya Narayana Karthikeshwar

BW/HANA backend knowledge

Not necessarily. SAP HANA comes as a package. You can choose to be a modeler which would require bit of ABAP knowledge. ABAP in SAP HANA not the old ABAP.

Reporting in HANA Studio like SAP BO Tools – Design Studio, Web Intelligence. So overall it depends on the line you choose in SAP HANA. But learning the basics of coding will help you but not mandatory depending on the role you get. 🙂

Answer 2

Nikhil Dhawan

SAP BW and SAP HANA Consultant

No, but knowing the basics of SQL will help. Below are some places where coding is primarily used.

1- Quick analysis on data models, its easier to write the SQL.

2- SQL will be used in creating Procedures

3- SQL Script-based Calculation Views

4- In creating calculation columns ( Small formulas )

Most of these thing are available on internet, so you don’t need to worry.

Answer 3

Shyam Uthaman

SAP Consultant since 10+ years/ author

SAP HANA data modeling can be done mostly by drag and drop but SQL will be a part of it whenever graphical modeling reaches the limit of it’s capabilities. Don’t be scared of SQL, it helps you do quick analysis and is not anywhere as difficult as it seems.

Answer 4

Raghupathi P

SAP-ABAP Consultant | Networking | GATE | Event Organizer


SA HANA is bit code oriented and there is some Java scripts are involved.

i don’t think programming is not so much its better if you know the programming.

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