How much time it takes to learn SAP ABAP?

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How much time it takes to learn SAP ABAP?

Answer 1

Bhavesh K Ratnam


Eternity. But probably you don’t have that much time and I don’t think you were looking for that answer.

Some good answers here but I want to say, learning ABAP is dependent on several factors:

  • As others have mentioned, if you know SQL then you can learn it pretty easily. You can probably start programming in a week time but if order to be productive in a project will require around a month atleast (with constant supervision).
  • It also depends on your exposure to SAP or any other ERP. This exposure can help you to understand many things like what is SAP GUI, what are transactions, how data is stored and these things.
  • The main challenge with SAP ABAP is that there are so many inbuilt features or so many APIs in form of data elements, domains, function modules, classes, smart form, PDF forms.
  • SAP ABAP is evolving at a very rapid pace. With HANA, now a lot of coding can be done using CDS views and Java Scripts. If you know Java, it could help you in multiple ways.
  • You also need to understand that SAP always try to reduce the coding effort of the ABAPers and mostly in a project 90–95% of the programs to be used are standard one only.

Answer 2

N Navneetha Krishnan Iyer

SAP MM Consultant

It is impossible to say thst how much time will it take to learn ABAP .ABAP is like a ocean you may know the basics by 2 or 3 months but every requirement will be challenging like every lock has different key. U may know the syntaxes but to write the logic where to use how to use then it may take time.

Answer 3

Faizur Rahman

worked at Accenture

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is basically a high-level programming language created by SAP AG,Germany.

In general one month time frame will be enough to learn this language depending on your interest.

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