SAP Interview Questions

How do I crack the SAP interview?

How do I crack the SAP interview?

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How do I crack the SAP interview?

Answer 1

Siddhesh Rane

Software Engineer at SAP

Cracking SAP Labs interview, especially as a fresh grad is pretty easy as they mostly look for fundamental Computer science knowledge and test you in Data structures, Databases – SQL and the various languages and projects you’ve worked on during your engineering.

Generally, the process consists of 4–5 rounds:

  • Online Technical Round -> It will contain MCQ questions on Aptitude, Program I/P,O/P type questions and few on OS, DBMS as well 2–3 coding questions. This is were the mass elimination happens. Trick is to focus more on Coding questions as they carry a higher weightage as compared to MCQ’s.
  • 2–3 Face to Face Technical rounds -> It will be panel of 2–3 interviewers asking questions on DS, OS, Databases, SQL queries and about your projects. Make sure you know your projects and resume inside-out as most of the questions will be fired from there only.
  • Managerial Round -> This will be with one of managers from SAP Labs and they will test your managerial, communication, behavioural and team work skills. He/She might also ask some puzzles as well, so make sure to go through some of the most commonly asked interview puzzles beforehand.
  • HR Round -> No prep required. Just be calm, keep a smiling face and you’ll sail through.

Once you clear all the rounds, the final result will be announced either on the same day OR the next day.

Answer 2

Ravi Hooda

Associate Developer at SAP Labs India

Round 1: Online Coding Test

  • Coding test on hackerrank platform
  • Duration: 1 hr
  • Questions:Given an array and integer K, find the number of pairs such that a[i]+K=a[j]Given a string.Find the number of substring which consists of vowels only and contain all vowels at least once.

Round 2: Technical

  • Two interviewers were in this round.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Discussion regarding project.
  • Question to implement boundary traversal of tree.
  • Memory management of a process.
  • Discussion regarding multithreading.
  • Discussion on synchronization of process.
  • Difference between mutex and semaphore.
  • Code snippet for semaphore.
  • Question to design a cache and discussion regarding that.

Round 3: Technical + Managerial

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Discussion regarding project.
  • Discussion regarding database and OS concepts.
  • Discussion regarding usage of database in projects.
  • What are the challenges that were faced during projects ?
  • Why SAP ?
  • Any Questions.

Round 4: HR Round

Introduce yourself and brief about you family.
Why SAP ?
Feedback of previous rounds.
Is location an issue ?
Where are your short and long term plans ?
What are your expectation from SAP ?
Discussion regarding role in team and job description
Any Questions .
Final Result: Selected

Answer 3

Shubhkarman Singh

SDE at @Walmart Labs (2020-present)

I hope on campus interview is what you are talking about.

Firstly its a 5 round procedure for full time employment and 2 round for only internship . So plan accordingly.

For round 1 : Basic coding questions are answered so do refer to the past year questions asked as on geeksforgeeks and glassdoor. Simple aptitude is also the part of round(25 ques in 25 min).

round 2 and 3: Technical interview : Be thorough with data-structures and Java. Basically they try to grill you. If you see a panel dont get surprised.

Round 4: Managerial: This interview tests your managerial skills and your team skills. If you have some team based projects do mention them.

Round 5: HR: This round is basically the easiest of all. Try to reach till this round.

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