How do I become an SAP consultant?

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How do I become an SAP consultant?

Answer 1

Asokan Asokan

former Manger at Codedion Technologies (2016-2019)


Becoming an SAP Consultant is definitely your ticket to a great career. If you have the required technical and interpersonal skills you are sure to go places.

System Application and Products (SAP) is a multinational software company based in Germany. It was founded in 1972 by 5 ex-employees of IBM. Since its inception SAP has come a long way in changing the way business is done globally. SAP surpassed many other companies during the ensuing time and has kept on diversifying. SAP portfolio is vast with over 296,000 global clients and approximately 75, 600 employees.

Answer 2

Gagan Mohan Singh

SAP Sales & Distribution Senior Consultant (2007-present)

Becoming a SAP consultants is one of the best things which you could do in life.

Meanwhile these are things which could help you:-

.Talk to your seniors who are already doing SAP consulting in Organizations. Get Process Definition Documents from them and go through them to understand how businesses work.

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