How can I join SAP?

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How can I join SAP?

Answer 1

Reid Johnson

Web Developer and Database Specialist

For starters, here is a great online course I recommend if you’re getting started or are trying to advance further with SAP – Sap Online Classess

For a programmer: Get a decent ABAP programming book. Most concepts will be pretty familiar, and they give you a good starting point to better understand the system.

For a “business user”: Other than going to an expensive course (mostly wasted time/money in my opinion), sit down with a user and have him/her explain too you what they are doing for an hour or two.

For a “customizer”: This is where things get really difficult as there are a gazillion of steps and choices and places to change things. Having someone more experienced helps. As you noted, books/articles are mostly not very helpful as they are usually at a loss to explain concepts.

A couple of things to keep in mind as well:

  • SAP is “so big” that it is impossible to “know it all”.
  • SAP is written by some smart and some not so smart people. Your inability to “grok” things may be caused by some really bad programmer building a bunch of stupid solutions to problems he hasn’t understood.
  • SAP is notorious for coming up with their own language or by repurposing buzzwords and adding their own special meaning. This adds to the magic and confusion.

Answer 2

Meherab Bhamgara

Certificate from SAP (2019)

To start with, I would suggest you to go for an SAP certification (Functional or Technical) depending n your educational background and interest.

You need to be very sure of what you want to do because these certifications are a bit costly, so do your research in the field you want to get into- be it HCM-Human Capital Management, MM-Material Management, PP-Production Planning or simple coding language ABAP-Advanced Business Application Programming.

So, I’d suggest you to focus on certifications and take one step at a time.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Answer 3

André Müller

Chief Software Architect at SAP (2006-present)

Search for opportunities and apply at Sap Online Classess

That tool is for real in case you are wondering.

Recruitment team will be checking and passing candidates to the hiring manager that will choose a range for interviews.

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