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Why we have construct setup tables?

Why we have construct setup tables?

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Why we have construct setup tables?



IT Manager at Infyosis

    The R/3 database structure for accounting is much more easier than the Logistical structure.

    Once you post in a ledger that is done. You can correct, but that give just another posting.

    BI can get information direct out of this (relatively) simple database structure.

    In LO, you can have an order with multiple deliveries to more than one delivery addresses. And the payer can also be different.

    When 1 item (order line) changes, this can have its reflection on order, supply, delivery, invoice, etc.

    Therefore a special record structure is built for Logistical reports. and this structure now is used for BI.

    In order to have this special structure filled with your starting position, you must run a set-up. From that moment on R/3 will keep filling this LO-database.If you wouldn’t run the setup. BI would start with data from the moment you start the filling of LO (with the logistical cockpit).

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