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Which questions are asked in fresher SAP PP interviews?

Which questions are asked in fresher SAP PP interviews?

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Which questions are asked in fresher SAP PP interviews?

Answer 1

Nishanth M

1.What is SAP PP?

PP = Production Planning

SAP Poduction Planning (PP) is one the largest functional module in SAP. This module deals with all production processes like Capacity Planning, Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirement Planning & more

The Production Planning module of SAP takes care of Master data needed like Bill Of Materials, Routings and Work Centers and stores it in one separate component.

2.Can we create Production order without bom and routing?

yes we can create a production order without BOM & routing.Change the Config in OPL8 ( order type dependent parameters)as routing optional. But it may ask for a sales order when we try to create order using CO01

3.What is the difference between by-product and co-product and how do you differentiate them in a BOM?

In case, of Co-product costs are settled with an apportionment structure. In case, of By-product the price of this by-product is credited to the order or the material stock account of the lead material being manufactured. Co-Product as well as by-product are defined as BOM Components/Items. Both of them have negative quantities. ( Not all negative quantity items fall under these categories!). When BOM is created for FERT, you can see one indicator in COMPONENT DETAILS screen for co-product. You need to define the co-products with this special indicator

4.Mention what are the production process in SAP?

There are three types of production process in SAP

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Production- Process Industries

5.What are some important tables used in PP (Production Planning)?

For orders:

  • CUAFVD dialog structure for order headers and items
  • AFPO – Order item
  • AFFLD Order: Dialog table for order sequences (AFFL)
  • MOPER Operation for production order
  • KBED Capacity requirements
  • AFRU Order completion confirmations
  • RESB Reservation/Dependent Requirements
  • AFFHD Structure of PRT’s in orders
  • SOPER Sub-operations
  • SAFRU Sub-operation confirmations
  • SKBED Capacity requirements for sub-operation
  • MRP table is MDTB.

For PI:

  • CAUFV – AFVC Operation within an order
  • AFFT Order Process Instructions
  • AFFV Order process instruction values


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