Which is good sap basis or abap?

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Which is good sap basis or abap?

Answer 1

Shadab Hasan

Senior Software Engineer at Accenture (2012-present)

Both SAP Basis and ABAP are good.

SAP Basis concentrates more on database administration stuff. If you have a good knowledge on RDBMS , basis will be more suitable for you. Moreover Basis acts as a middle ware for your ABAP to run on, between your ABAP modules and your system OS.

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. As the name suggests it is an advanced programming language being used by SAP in order to develop their applications, write codes to support a module functionality based on business requirements, be it SD, FI , BW etc.

Your ABAP program/command is being executed with the help of Application and Database servers which are being configured by BASIS and as said above, it also takes care of the administration of the same.

So finally, it depends more on your area of interest.


Answer 2


Before I explain things, please note that this is exclusively my personal opinion and based on my life experiences so no one is advised to follow it blindly. The story below might give insight to people, to dig in more before choosing SAP career. SAP itself is great platform , a market Leader in ERP segment and will remain so for many years. However there are cons related to entering SAP which people ignore or are unaware of before taking the Leap. Read on, it might help people who are in Dilemma.

About me- was engineer in manufacturing plant (worked for 5+ years), switched to SAP and got job after much struggle, did Implementation projects but left it after 2 years.

Answer 3

Kishore Rudra

Career Advisor

SAP Basis or ABAP, both comes under Technical side of SAP.

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