What is the SPRO in SAP?

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What is the SPRO in SAP?

Answer 1

Upamanyu Sarmah

SAP Certified S/4 HANA S&P Consultant (2004-present)

The way I used to think of the SPRO (and is still valid), is like the bonnet of a car. When I need to really change or do something with the actual machinery of the car, I open the bonnet and take a look. I would not open the bonnet for small changes (for example, changing the volume of my sound system, or changing my indicator bulb).

SPRO in SAP is like the bonnet. When you are inside SPRO you are looking at the machinery of SAP. The inner-workings.

Another overly simplified example which helps to explain this is the “control panel” in your Windows laptop (or System Preferences in Mac, or Settings in your smartphone). This is where you can change the way your phone or laptop behaves.

This is what SPRO is used in SAP.

Answer 2

Shaik Ahmed

MSc in IT Information Technology & Computer Security (2013)

There is no any specific meaning in that transaction codes.

SRPO– sap product, transaction code to go Implementation guide where you can configure the modules like fico, sd, mm, pp, pm, hcm etc SAP has short codes to go to any particular business scenarios. SPRO(SAP PRODUCT) is one TCODE OR TRANSACTION CODE TO IMG SCREEN.

Answer 3

Gvarun Gvarun

Transaction code SPRO is used configure the SAP System as per clients requirement. SPRO is abbreviation for SAP Project Reference Object. After executing SPRO transaction code, you will see IMG (Implementation Management Guide) menu which you will find customization settings for all module.

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