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What is the interview process for a Deloitte SAP consultant?

What is the interview process for a Deloitte SAP consultant?

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What is the interview process for a Deloitte SAP consultant?

Answer 1

Disha Mandal

SAP Successfactors Consultant at Deloitte USI (2020-present)

I had my first round of interview in July. It was a technical round where I was asked technical questions related to my technology. Next day I was informed by HR via call that I have cleared the first round and the next round of interview details was sent via email. It was 2 weeks after the first round and it was again a technical round of interview. One or two days after that I got a call from HR that I have cleared the second round and third round interview details were sent via email.

The third round was a managerial round where I was asked to report to Deloitte office, met the HR and had a video call with the Manager who asked me a mix of technical question and general questions like why should I hire you, background, projects and experience, and how would I handle certain situations under pressure etc. Once we spoke of all that he told me that I will get the results by today or tommorow. I was a bit worried because I didn’t get the result that day or the next day. Two days after the interview I got the call from the Main Recruiter saying I have been selected and received the email with details on the same. It was second week of August.

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