What is the future of SAP consultants ?

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What is the future of SAP consultants ?

Answer 1

Maik Schmalstich

former Global Head Cloud Transformation at SAP (2011-2015)

First of all: There is no “SAP” consultant anymore. SAP in the mean time has a price list with more than 1,500 products, so there is no one answer.

Let’s try to break it down:

First of all: You will shape your future, not the past or present. So you would need to look into the future of SAP in order to learn the right products and not soon-to-be-deprecated products unless you like to get stuck in maintaining old legacy installations. Try to shoot at S/4; HANA; SAP Cloud platform plus the cloud products and networks (Ariba). But be aware, that all of them have different approaches, functionality and technology underneath. So starting with SuccessFactors might not assist you, when you like to continue with Ariba etc.

There is one exception which mounds into a recommendation : Start with one of the main cloud products and then move into the big installation world. Why? The consultant’s role is shape-shifting from a tailor to a retail fashion consultant. Since many functionality wanders into the cloud, there is no way and need to adapt it, you have to introduce standard processes. The more and better you have to understand how to help the customers adapting their processes to the software. Which means you will build up/train change management skills. Cloud software will be implemented much more often remotely with a standard implementation method, what helps to serve customers more efficiently, so you will get more reliability and customer experience quicker. Do this for 2–3 years. Then move into the hybrid model space, where cloud is getting connected with the outside world. There is a rather demand in integration – cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise and vice versa – so this could be good field to grow.

Answer 2

Kiran Ravi

SAP is going to be very very aggressive hence forth in the future like it has always been. SAP has been the leader in ERP.

Microsoft and Oracle are the only 2 software companies better than SAP (in terms of revenue).

But with SAP Hana there is a good chance of SAP beating(or very closely competing) with Oracle..

SAP might beat Oracle at their own game (coz in memory computation Hana is now well established and Oracle is still trying to release their version of the same thing 12C, even 2 years after Hana was).

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