What is SAP? Would a complete course in SAP help me finding a better job?

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What is SAP? Would a complete course in SAP help me finding a better job?

Answer 1

Ashish Tiwari

6 years into BI space

Sap is a company famous for its erp software other than that it has the most promising database in industry (HANA).

It’s something which you just cannot attend a course and learn you will take years to learn it and that’s how it is supposed to be its an ocean which consists of following :

  • ECC ( enterprise central component-most popular )
  • BW ( application that has an install base of 15000 organizations )
  • Sap acquired BO (business objects) and added
  • Sap bods ( etl / data integration)
  • Sap BI(reporting tool where u build reports and dashboards)
  • Other than this BPC is another tool which is used widely by business for planning and software

Answer 2

Prathik Nagaraj

SAP enthusiast and Technical consultant

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERPs are systems used by enterprises/businesses to run their business on a centralized platform ( ex: managing their inventory records/finances etc). One of the reasons why SAP is popular in the ERP space is because their software is close to the business processes and caters to most of the business needs. As far as job/career is considered, yes, SAP is definitely one of the leaders in the ERP space with a share of about 26%.

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