What is SAP software used in the procurement field?

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What is SAP software used in the procurement field?

Answer 1

Sheldon Meyer

Supply Chain Management Consultant at Freelancing (2017-present)

I think it would be good to understand more in a broader sense what SAP products are used for and a little history about SAP.

SAP R/3 originally started from a manufacturing origins and is primarily a financial accounting suite. It therefore was developed with manufacturing and accounting in mind. For this reason, as we know, one of the main drivers of manufacturing is supply chain and procurement, so SAP was developed to be a fully integrated manufacturing system which offered procurement, accounting and planning as a fully integrated backbone. It later became far more developed and integrated into other aspects of business to include things like shipping, warehousing, production planning/production, HR etc. to what it is today, a fully integrated end to end business system.

So, SAP procurement functionality therefore covers all procurement activities, from vendor management, tendering, vendor performance as well as tracking and inventory management to the full procurement cycle.

The below graphic is a very good representation of the procurement activities overview of what SAP covers

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