What is SAP Is that related with mechanical engineering?

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What is SAP Is that related with mechanical engineering?

Answer 1

Anvesh Samineni

worked at Accenture

Suppose you are planning to start a company tomorrow, say it an automobile company making cars.

1. Initially, you would purchase all the required materials (like steel, aluminium, screws, nuts etc.,) to build a car from multiple vendors at the best possible price.

2. Then you’ll go ahead and manufacture a car with the help of your team. The car is now complete and say it is successful (passed all the tests to get into the market.)

3. You’ll showcase the car at an auto show and it receives an excellent feedback from the public. The bookings are high and you’ll have to go ahead for mass production and deliver the cars across various locations in the country.

While building one car, you would require only one set of each material (like one steering wheel, 5 tyres, one windshield etc.), a small team, a place to sell, a quality assurance checklist, and finances that can be managed using an excel sheet. Till now you are able to lead the process and personally monitor all the end-to-end aspects of making a car.

But, now as you are proceeding with mass production, you’ll need huge number’s of everything, say it materials, people, finances, and you’ll have to deliver the cars to multiple locations etc. At this time, how confident are you that you can manage all of these very efficiently as you have done while building a single car? It’s very difficult to be confident. Right?

Here’s where SAP comes in to picture, and helps you to be confident on your efficiency even while scaling up your business to hundreds or millions of cars. How?

SAP provides a software solution that helps you to manage the end-to-end activities of your company efficiently. As SAP is a huge software, it is divided into various modules (MM, SD, etc.,) which talks to each other and manages the various activities of your entire company. In our case, below are some of the modules that are required:

Answer 2

Pranava Anand

studied Mechanical Engineering

Hi Mailapaka,

Yes it can, SAP MM PP and QM are some modules where your knowledge in Mechanical domain can be helpful.

Now, getting SAP training has a major constraint of getting a SAP system installed in your system. So either you have to join a proper training course or have to be recruited by any MNC which trains you.

If you are new to SAP, this is basically an ERP software used to make enterprises or plants synchronised and smart.

You need not to be in coding unless you are going for SAP ABAP and you need not to know much computer science unless you are going for SAP BASIS where OS, networking and DB basic knowledge is a prerequisite.BASIS and ABAP are technical modules while other modules mentioned above are functional modules.

Your task would be to create different enterprise structures in SAP system, Plants,Storage locations, warehouses etc in configuration part and solving issues related to procurement for end users if you happens to be a MM consultant.

There are new ERP softwares coming up those can also be good option like Salesforce, Many institutes in NCR train people in SAP and Salesforce.

So if you are expecting a totally core job, this isn’t one, though it is a popular option for mechanical engineers, you can later switch to many product based companies Harley, Toyota, Volvo all have SAP installed while Audi has Salesforce mainly.

Answer 3

Madhav Kulkarni

B Tech Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institutes of Technology (1986)

Considering your profile, no single module will give you complete overview. You need to study interlinked modules as well. You need to be thorough with Production planning and control module but must have good understanding of material management, quality management, plant maintenance, project management ( as applicable to your environment ).

If you understand preliminary requirements of SAP Basis, Financial Controls, it is great advantage.

Above all, you must know your business processes in intricate details and strong knowledge of engineering. concepts on inventory management If you have base of management accounting, operational efficiency it will help you to use modules more effectively.

All the best.

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