What is SAP functional(implementation) and how good it is to start a career?

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What is SAP functional(implementation) and how good it is to start a career?

Answer 1

Rohit Chauhan

10+ Years across various modules and counting

SAP functional’s job is to understand the business process and map it in SAP. Once mapped, business processes will be carried out in SAP obtaining desired results. For example consider Materials Management. The typical business process would be to send out a purchase order, receive the goods and invoice from Vendor, verify the goods and invoice and pay the vendor. So as a functional consultant, you will have to set this process up in SAP.

Now setting up a process can be done via configuring the SAP system, if possible or you will need a custom code to fulfil the requirement. For example you need to print out the purchase order to be sent via post containing your company’s logo which would need a piece of code to get that done. As a functional you will have to write a specification document to fulfil this business requirement and give it to the developers who will write the code.

Once config and development is done – you have designed and mapped the process in SAP. That is the main job of a functional. Then with experience you will be consulting the client on best practices in business etc.

Being a functional consultant is a great way to start career in SAP. The scope is good required you learn quickly and gain good expertise in SAP.

Answer 2


SAP EWM Functional Consultant

SAP consultants can be categorized in the following way:

  • SAP Technical (SAP ABAP,SAP PI ,Data Migration)
  • SAP BASIS ( Admin Sever settings and performance ,Security)
  • SAP functional (Implementation)
  • SAP is a adaptable business Product and it needs to be altered and enhanced as per the Business need of the client

SAP functional consultant will understand the business process of the client and performs GAP analysis and checks the feasibility of how the clients business scenarios can be transformed to SAP solutions .Once the Analysis is performed the functional consultants do the blue print and Functional documents for the specific functionalities to be mapped ,and perform the configuration in the SAP system and explain the Functionalities and Table level data to the technical person that will help the ABAP in enhancements.

Yes Functional Consultants are key stake holders in any SAP Project .it is one of the best Path to start the career but how you imbibe the Business Scenarios and rejuvenate yourself over the years is the real answer for your success .

Answer 3

Aaron Benner

SAP BI/BPC/HANA/BOBJ finance functional consultant

An SAP functional consultant refers to a consultant who is familiar with the SAP application and how to use and configure (make changes) to the SAP software options. Implementation refers to helping adjust SAP’s software to meet the business needs during the project.

In contrast to a technological consultant (basically a programmer in the SAP ABAP language, similar to COBOL) or a Basis consultant (database analyst) a functional consultant is expected to have business expertise in the software.

For example a FI functional consultant might be an accountant, or an SD consultant a supply chain or logistics expert. Bridging the gap between business-speak and the SAP software is where the functional consultant adds value.

It is a good place to start to pick up business expertise (not a requirement to be using SAP) and then add the SAP software knowledge on top of these skills. Simply learning SAP software without business knowledge does not add as much value.

So go forth and become a functional implementation consultant! You can do it!

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