What is SAP and how is it helpful?

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What is SAP and how is it helpful?

Answer 1

Surya Kumar Govindan

former SAP Basis Consultant at SAP (2015-2019)

In simple terms, we have many Ministries in any Government. And it is very important that all these Ministries work hand in hand for the Government to work efficiently. Similarly, consider any industry. There are multiple departments in any Business / Industry (Finance, HR, Warehouse, Sales & Distribution, Customer Relationship, etc.,). So for the business to be efficient, successful and profitable, all these departments have to work together and they have to be integrated, in other words, every department should communicate with other departments and be updated.

If it’s a small scale business, this process is easy, communication between the department heads will serve the purpose. But in case of a large scale industry? In case of a global business? It’s extremely difficult to integrate, communicate & follow-up, right? So, in order to make this easier, IT came with software for each and every department. For instance Tally for Finance, Salesforce for CRM, and a lot more department specific in-house software (software that is created by the industries themselves) etc., But, again there are technical challenges to integrate all these software built on different platforms and on different technologies. Integrating and managing all the different software was a huge, challenging task.

So, five ex-IBMers came up with the idea creating one single software for all the departments of an industry or a business. So, integration and communication becomes a lot easier and the easiest way possible through this software, because under it, you cover almost ALL departments of an industry. They named this software SAP. Say, I need software for Finance. Yes, SAP provides it. I need software for managing my accounts, sales, and my customers. Sure, SAP has them all. My business is a global oil business with one branch each in Iran, Iraq, India and Afghanistan. I want to manage my oil resources in all my branches, follow my sales flow and per day income everyday and also manage the salaries of my employees worldwide according to the tax structure of each country. I need a software for this. Of course, SAP provides a software for that too.

Answer 2

Monica Schrader

former Developer at Infosys Limited

Many people are with the intention; passing SAP Certification will give them a definite job. SAP Certification has helped many people, particularly in the past, to achieve their goals in their career and cherished their dreams.

That does not mean that SAP Certification will give guaranteed job for everybody who has passed. Having said this, people going for SAP Certification, it is recommended to have the domain knowledge in particular functional area.

In the initial booming days of SAP, many people are able to achieve the jobs based on SAP Certification, but those days are gone now.

The number of certified consultants got increased day by day in the market and the companies are more matured to look for practical experience rather than just a certification.

If the people think that just passing SAP certification will give a guaranteed job, then they may have to rethink.

Answer 3

Manohar Parakh

Internet Marketing

A German software company whose products allow businesses to track customer and business interactions. SAP is especially well-known for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data management programs. SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products.

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