What best module to learn in SAP?

What best module to learn in SAP?

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Answer 1

Stephen Kurianparambil

Seeking out knowledge for everything SAP


Thanks for the A2A. Since you have an inclination towards the business of things, I’d suggest you try and get in the functional domain. Here are my 2 cents about ones I’m aware of:

  1. HCM: This module deals everything in the HR space. Some of the modules are Time management, Travel etc. It deals with everything from organizational management to payroll.
  2. Finance: This module deals with everything from simple finance to different documents such as your general ledger, accounts receivable, payable and comprises of everything related to finance.
  3. Materials management: This module deals with everything from your prcourement process, vendor management, retail and warehouse management.

Besides the ones mentioned above there are many other modules to explore and choose from. Take some time and check out the others and hopefully you get to work on a module of your interest.

That being said, your role entails you doing configuration as per client requirement, understand the client requirement and propose solutions/workarounds for it, translate the requirement to the development team, be involved in various testing phases. A few perks of being a functional consultant is that depending upon the client, there’s an opportunity to travel and work in the client site and work directly with the business. I don’t think besides a functional/ technical architect gets to do so and I figure its a role you might enjoy. Hope this was useful, all the best for your career. Cheers!

Sujith Shalini

Its a good think to move SAP..module…in that SAP have both functional as well as non functional module…but everything is belongs to you only…if you wanna move on technical means Choose ABAP,BASIS..and if you like to move non technical means Choose SF,FICO,SD,MM and SF is a highly paid Module…and its a update of SAP HR..

And moreover in india people’s not aware of SAP BPC..and its a unique and highly paid module in launched by SAP before 8 months…but still the people’s in india not updated on this information…

And also the people’s who is working in the field of SAP field don’t know more about that…so if you guys have a doubt on that means go and google it about SAP BPC

Answer 2

Sami Ahmed

Learned programming as a hobby

SAP is huge and a combination of many modules. To answer your question, you should know what is your academic and educational background. If you are good at marketing, you can try SD, or if you are good at purchase, you can try MM. Personally I feel one can learn any module, except FICO, if one is good at picking up new concepts.

My suggestion is to choose one of the core modules and learn it. Then learn an add-on based on the current market demand.

Answer 3

Pratap Singh

Sr. SAP Consultant

Basically, there are two type modules are present in SAP. Namely ;

  1. Technical Module
  2. Functional Module

If any company is using SAP, then they must have to take technical module where as Functional module are taken for specific purpose.

Some of the Modules are :

*Technical Module


*Functional Module

  • SAP HR (Human Resource Management)
  • SAP MM (Material Management)
  • SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
  • SAP PP (Production Planning)
  • SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling)
  • SAP PS (Project System)
  • SAP QM (Quality Management)
  • SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management)

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