What are the duties of a SAP functional analyst?

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What are the duties of a SAP functional analyst?

Answer 1

Benedict John Torres

Freelance IT Consultant at Freelancers (2000-present)

SAP (ERP) functional analysts act as a bridge between business (which owns requirements) and technology (software).

Their job crudely involves the following:

  • Gather business requirements.
  • Help business understand system capabilities.
  • Define gaps between business requirements and as-is solutions.
  • Satisfy business requirements by (re)configuring systems (software).
  • Work with developers to identify and implement custom solutions.
  • Define test cases for solutions.
  • Testing and deploying solutions to production systems.
  • Troubleshooting production issues.

Answer 2

Mann Sharma


Functional analyst bridges the gap between customer and SAP. They translate user requirements / processes into SAP process and configuration. For example, in the area of MM, the business analyst will work with customers to identify their special process and requirement. Do they do subcontracting? Add it to the process. Do they have quota arrangement with some of their vendors? Then, they need to put in the process and set it up.

Most importantly, the functional analyst should also be involved in the management of change. The customer might have been doing some processes that are not exactly optimized.

For example, a customer wants to maintain a separate vendor per contact person that they have within the same vendor. They have been doing it before and it works for them. The purchasers love this but the accounts payable team hates it. It’s the functional analyst’s role to advise on the proper practice in SAP.

They will have to strike a balance on some non-standard process but have to be firm on some. Another example is for global templates. For example the customer’s template requires that all finished goods go through inspection before moving to saleable stocks. However a specific country doesn’t really do this in their current practice.

It’s the functional analyst role to explain the template, explain the requirement and help them adjust. Many functional analyst will fail on this one though. If he’s pretty new, he might give in to customer’ demand. On the other hand, the customer might have a bad experience because the analyst will force them to adjust.

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