What are the advantages of SAP?

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What are the advantages of SAP?

Answer 1

Benny Premkumar

Associate Project Manager at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited (2010-present)

Fully integrated ERP system and a global leader in ERP. Almost 60% of Business transaction around the globe touches an SAP system. So very recently couple of days back it was voted 3rd most market value within Europe with 104 billion.

Almost all major companies has SAP implemented. It’s robust and agile.

Only cons are high implementation costs, licence cost for users , development and upgrade costs are more. So you have allocate suitable budget for SAP support itself.

Answer 2

Satendra Kumar

Cloud Computing & Android Developer at Jr Beetasoft Technology in Noida (2017-present)

Benefits of the SAP ERP System

  • Customized solutions. Since the needs of every company are different, each gets a customized system.
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency.
  • Cost Efficient Use.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting.
  • Maintain consistent operations.

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